Questions and answers about buying weapons and dangerous objects online

May I order a knife online?

Yes, you may. However, depending on what type of knife it is, a permit from the Swedish Police Authority may be required. If a permit is required, notification of the knife must be given to Swedish Customs when it is brought into Sweden.

I have found a Spanish retailer who sells knives online. This retailer has a nice butterfly knife I would like to buy. Can I?

Butterfly knives are classed as dangerous objects and are regulated in Sweden’s Ordinance on permits for importation of certain dangerous objects (1990:415). As a result of this, to receive a parcel containing a dangerous object, you need a permit from the Swedish Police Authority.

May I place an online order to have a silencer for my elk hunting rifle sent to me from the USA?

Under Sweden’s Offensive Weapons Act, silencers are regarded as weapons. Thus you need a permit from the Swedish Police Authority. When you have got a permit for the silencer, you may order it. Remember that you need to give notification to Swedish Customs of the importation of your silencer and that you need to pay customs duty, taxes and any other charges.

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