Swedish Customs' Management Group

The meetings are held every week and is chaired by the Director General. The members of the management group is appointed by the Director General and they have no substitutes in the meetings if they are absent.

Charlotte Svensson
Director General

Bodil Taylor
Acting Deputy Director-General, Head of Executive Office

Björn Lidö
Head of Intelligence Department

Lars Kristoffersson

Martin Petersson
Head of Controls Department

Carina Asplund
Head of Revenue Department

Lars Kristoffersson

Per Westberg
Head of Criminal Investigation Department

Bodil Taylor

Cecilia Edström
Acting Head of Executive Office

Linda Lindström

Karin Erlingsson
Head of Legal Department

Fredrik Lundström

Fredrik Lundström
Head of IT Department

Lotta Halling

Lotta Halling
Head of Human Resources

Jan Tamm

Jan Tamm
Head of Administration Department

Henrik Stridsman
Head of Communication and Public Relations

Linda Lindström

Johan Karlsson
Head of Finance Department

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