Nothing but legal goods across our borders

Nothing but legal goods across our borders

Swedish Customs are working for a society free of goods that endanger the environment and human health and security, and where businesses compete on equal terms.


Drugs confiscated in a major operation


Swedish Customs has uncovered an extensive drug ring with links to several locations in the Stockholm area and other countries. A total of around 820 kilos of drugs were seized during the operation.

Physical checks

How the war in Ukraine may affect customs procedures

The EU’s sanctions against Russia will affect you when trading with Russia, Belarus and certain regions in Ukraine.

This page contains comprehensive information about how the war in Ukraine will affect customs procedures. The page will be continously updated. »

NB! The information is in Swedish only. Please contact us » with any questions.

Selected content for private individuals

Shopping online


When you buy goods online from another country, the applicable rules vary depending on what you order and from which country the goods are coming.

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Buying goods in another country


When you have been shopping abroad, different rules apply depending on what goods you have bought and which country you are travelling from.

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Travelling with animals


It is important that animals travelling across borders are not carrying infectious diseases.

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Selected content for business

Import goods to Sweden


The term "import" means bringing goods into the European Union (EU) from a country outside the EU.

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Export goods from Sweden to countries outside the EU


The term "export" means sending goods to a country outside the European Union (EU).

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Tulltaxan (Taric)


Search for commodity codes in Tulltaxan (TARIC).

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