Personal data you submit in an application

Swedish Customs will process any personal data you submit to us in an application relevant to our mission. This processing is essential for us to perform our obligations as a customs authority.

Why we process personal data

We process personal data to:

  • comply with the legal obligations for exchanging and storing information required for an application or decision
  • verify that the conditions for granting the relevant decision have been met
  • establish the customs duties to be paid or reimbursed when referring to an authorisation
  • monitor the conditions and criteria that the holder of a decision must fulfil, and monitor the compliance with the obligations that result from that decision
  • organise, distribute and monitor the activities of Swedish Customs.

Who will receive the information?

Your personal data may be received by different parties depending on the type of application.

  • If your application involves more than one Member State, the customs authorities of all concerned Member States will have access to your personal data.
  • If your application will be registered in the EU-wide Customs Decisions System, the EU Commission will also be able to access this data.
  • If you agree to having your details published on the Swedish Customs website, the data will be available to everybody.
  • If Swedish Customs needs to evaluate a company’s solvency in order to make a decision on your application, a credit reference agency will also receive your personal data.
  • If Swedish Customs needs to evaluate a company’s compliance with legislation in order to make a decision on your application, the Swedish Police will also receive your personal data. 
  • Swedish Customs’ law enforcement organisation may also access your personal data.

Automatic decisions for EORI applications

If an EORI application is granted without need for further investigation, the decision will be made automatically. If an EORI application is refused, an investigation will be launched and conducted by a member of staff.


If your application is granted, your personal data will be stored for ten years following the end of the calendar year the Customs decision is no longer valid. If your application is refused, personal data will be stored for ten years. If the personal data is stored in EU-wide systems, they will be stored in accordance with the applicable procedures.

Your rights

You are always entitled to know what personal data Swedish Customs is processing regarding you. You may contact Swedish Customs and request access to your data (extract from the register). You may access this information free of charge once per year. As Swedish Customs needs to be able to identify the person submitting a request for the extract, a signed physical copy of the request must be submitted.
If you believe your details to be inaccurate or incomplete, you can also request that they are updated or deleted. You can also request restricted processing or object to data processing.

You can also contact the Swedish Customs data protection officer.

Contact information for Swedish Customs

E-mail: tullverket@tullverket.se
Telephone: +46 771 520 520
Postal address: Tullverket, Box 27311, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden

Contact information for the data protection officer

E-mail: dataskyddsombud@tullverket.se

If you believe Swedish Customs has failed to meet the legal requirements for processing personal data, you can submit complaints to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY). Contact Swedish Customs first to find out how we can resolve any matters.

Contact information for IMY

E-mail: datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se
Telephone: +46 8 657 61 00
Postal address: Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden

Legal grounds

Swedish Customs is the personal data controller in connection to applications for activities organised by Swedish Customs. Swedish Customs’ organisation registration number: 202100-0969.

When a person applies for a decision related to the application of the customs legislation, Swedish Customs has a duty to make a decision. Swedish Customs must also monitor these decisions by conducting reviews and audits as well as other alternative analysis and customs controls. Therefore, it is necessary for personal data to be processed in order to meet the legal obligations held by Swedish Customs.

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