Processing of your personal data when registering as a user of Swedish Customs’ e-services

Your personal data were submitted to Swedish Customs when registering as a user of Swedish Customs’ e-services.

Swedish Customs is the data controller for all processing of personal data in Swedish Customs’ operations. The personal data that are processed are: your name; your contact details; your personal identity number or other identifier; and, the user ID created by the permissions system.

Why do we process data?

Personal data are processed to ensure secure and authorised access to: Swedish Customs’ e-services; and, where applicable, EU-wide systems. The data are used for authentication and access control.

Legal grounds

Swedish Customs offers e-services to enable electronic exchange of details. The processing is necessary to provide a function that is of general interest.

Who receives the personal data?

In Swedish Customs e-services, you, as a user, share your personal data with your company’s authorised administrator. If you are an authorised administrator, a message with your email address is also sent to the users that you create.


Your personal data are stored throughout the time that you are a services user. Your data are removed after: around 15 months of inactivity; or, a request from you. If you are an authorised administrator, your account is removed only after a request from you.

Your rights

You are entitled to know which personal data concerning you are processed by Swedish Customs. You can contact Swedish Customs and request access to your data (i.e. a register extract). As Swedish Customs must be able to identify the requester, you must send a signed request in paper format.

If you consider that your data are incorrect or incomplete, you can also request that the data be corrected or deleted. Additionally, you can request restriction of processing or object to processing.

You can also contact Swedish Customs’ data protection officer.

Contact details for Swedish Customs

Email: tullverket@tullverket.se
Telephone: +46 771 520 520
Postal address: Tullverket, Box 27311, SE-102 54 Stockholm

Contact details for Swedish Customs’ data protection officer

Email: dataskyddsombud@tullverket.se

If you consider that Swedish Customs’ processing of your personal data is illegal, you can also submit a complaint to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. Please do not hesitate to contact Swedish Customs first. We may be able to take corrective action based on your views.

Contact details for the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection

Email: datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se
Telephone: +46 8 657 61 00
Postal address: Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten), Box 8114, SE-104 20 Stockholm

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