How long a delivery time can I expect?

Sometimes, delivery to you may take longer than expected. Of course, this may be because your goods are being sent from a distant country. However, it may also be because charges have not been paid or because the transport company is handling your customs declaration.

Your goods are most often with the transport company

The transport company handles your parcel so that it can make your customs declaration and request you to pay charges. If you can track your parcel, you may see that it is being “held by Customs” (in Swedish, “under importbehandling”).

If you are wondering why your parcel has not been delivered, you should contact the transport company and not Swedish Customs.

Prohibited goods are confiscated by Swedish Customs

If there is a prohibition on bringing your goods into Sweden, Swedish Customs can confiscate or seize them. If your goods are stopped by us, we always inform you. For example, we may need to analyse the goods.

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