Buying second-hand articles online

Here, you can read about which rules apply when you buy second-hand articles online.

All goods have a value, regardless of whether they are new or second-hand. This means that you pay customs duty and VAT even when you buy second-hand goods online.

How much you pay in customs duty, VAT and any other taxes depends on, amongst other things, the value and type of your goods and which country they are being sent from.

When you order goods from a country outside the EU, you must always pay VAT. You may also have to pay customs duty and other taxes and charges. You pay customs duty if the goods are worth more than SEK 1,700. Furthermore, your goods must always be declared in an import declaration.

When the goods are being sent from another EU country, you do not have to pay customs duty, Swedish VAT or other taxes on the goods.


There are geographical areas in the EU’s customs territory that are not in the EU’s fiscal territory (e.g. Åland and the Canary Isles). If you order goods from one of these areas, you do not have to pay customs duty on the goods. However, you do have to pay VAT and any other taxes in Sweden.

There may also be an administrative charge for the freight company handling your goods.

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