Brexit for private individuals

If the United Kingdom leaves the EU without there being an approved exit agreement, the United Kingdom will immediately be a country outside the EU.

The United Kingdom’s exit will mean restrictions on free movement between the United Kingdom and the EU. It also means that the customs formality rules, prohibitions and terms and conditions applying to import from and export to countries outside the EU must be applied.

Many of the rules relate to commercial trade. However, there are also a lot of rules that apply to private individuals. This is why it is important that you, as a private individual, prepare for how Brexit may affect you. Below are a few of the rules you should keep a check on.

If you shop on the internet

  • All distance shopping with countries outside the EU is subject to Swedish VAT. This is regardless of the value of the goods.
  • If you buy goods costing more than SEK 1,600, there may also be additional customs duties.
  • Pharmaceuticals may not be brought into Sweden via letter or parcel post from a country outside the EU.

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If you travel

If you travel by aeroplane or ferry and shop outside the EU, the value of goods you may bring into Sweden without having to pay customs duty is SEK 4,300. If you travel any other way, the corresponding sum is SEK 3,000. Remember that you must declare goods above these amounts.

  • If you travel in the EU with more than EUR 10,000 in cash on your person, you must declare the money.
  • The alcohol that can be brought in from countries outside the EU is limited to 1 litre of spirits, 4 litres of wine and 16 litres of beer.
  • The tobacco limit is 200 cigarettes.
  • Special rules apply to people who are hunting or competing and travelling with a firearm between Sweden and a country outside the EU. Special rules also apply if you buy or sell a weapon to a country outside the EU.
  • There are special rules when, from a country outside the EU, you travel to Sweden with your dog or cat.
  • With a certain few exceptions, you may not bring animal products (e.g. meat and dairy products) into the EU if you do not have a permit for this.
  • You may not bring in so-called CITES objects. CITES objects are animals or animal products made from animals that are endangered species.

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If you are moving to or from Sweden

  • Items of personal property are referred to as “belongings”. There is a possibility that you may be able to bring them in duty free.

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Read more on the EU Commission’s website about how private individuals will be affected if there is no approved exit agreement when the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Last modified: 2019-06-26