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Taric - The Customs Tariff

Here you can get daily updated versions about the information you need when importing or exporting by using Taric Query System and/or Taric File Distribution, free of charge.
The Customs Tariff or Taric contains more than 11 000 commodity codes (according to tariff of 2010) that direct the rate of duty applicable for different commodities, any other charges that are to be paid on import and if a licence is required or if you need any special permit in order to import the commodity into the European Union.

The contents of Taric are often changed, so in order to be able to give the correct information to the Customs authorities when importing or exporting, it is vital to have access to the latest version of Taric.

The Taric Query System
Gives you access via the Internet free of charge to the Customs Tariff. You can access current information about rates of duty, commodity codes, import and export regulations, exchange rates and so on.

Taric File Distribution
The cental database of the Swedish Customs (Tullverket), Taric, is updated every night with information transmitted directly from the European Commission. As a subscriber you can download the changes via the Internet and in this way always keep your own system up to date.

For error reports, please call IT-department, Helpdesk, +46 771 520 520.

More information
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